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Decades (or even centuries, in some cases) before conservation of natural resources was a concern among the general populace, concerned anglers were managing and studying the state of fisheries. They did this for what might just be the most effective reason of all: enlightened self interest. If there are no fish, there can hardly be any angling. Therefore worldwide fishing concerns have become acute, as many of the fisheries in both freshwater and ocean habitats are under threat from over-fishing, water diversion and pollution.

Anglers in the UK have been aware of this for a very long time. The formation of fishing syndicates and royal lands for the sake of conservation pre-dates the Environment Agency by hundreds of years. Today, they all work in concert to protect fishing worldwide, the same cannot be said. While the most developed nations have recently begun conservation efforts to protect fish populations, like the majority of the world's people, most of the world's fish live outside these protections.

Of course, the news isn't all bad. Fishing worldwide via tours does allow money from more developed countries to flow into less developed ones, as in the case of other types of animal hunts. This not only brings money, but the attitude of the fishing tourists and what they find acceptable. Even if there is always a small contingent of people who will travel to area without regulations expressly for the purpose of exploitation, most Britons abroad will bring their attitudes of conservation with them.

Happily, there are hundreds of UK-based agencies that conduct tours for fishing worldwide under acceptable standards. Very popular are the tours that take visitors to locations in the Southern Hemisphere during the winter months. But, even more northerly locales such as Scandinavia and the Baltic Republics make for exciting and exotic trips during the summer.

The Amazon is a particularly popular "dream destination" due to the incredible diversity of very fierce and large fish that can be found there. Such trips, can be found through companies that specialize in fishing worldwide holidays. Fishing clubs often arrange such trips for their members, with France, Spain and the Low Countries being very popular destinations.

No matter where one chooses to take their fishing holiday, it is important to note that the role that anglers take with regards to global aquatic conservation. It is just as important to consider the status of sport or coarse fish no matter where they're found, just as it's vitally important to consider the health and welfare of the other component creatures of any environment.




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