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Fishing Holidays

The era of cheap airfare has made it possible for people in the UK and EU to get in the habit of angling holidays worldwide, just about whenever it suits them. This can mean heading over to France of Spain for a short fishing holiday or taking a fishing cruise up to Norway. But, it doesnt end there, the exotic fishing opportunities to be found in tropical and unique estuaries are a tremendous lure to anglers in the most developed countries, fuelling a massive angling travel industry.

The trend towards angling worldwide holidays is no more apparent than in parts of Southeastern Asia, where massive river systems, lakes and reefs produce some of the largest fish in the world. While caution is still advised when travelling in some countries that are still prone to occasional unrest, the increase in travel from the UK to such destinations since the 1990s is tremendous, especially in Thailand and Vietnam.

North America is also a highly popular destination from the UK and EU for those seeking a slightly less dangerous experience when looking for angling worldwide holidays. Canada and Alaska are very popular for many sport fish, though the central and southeastern parts of the United States are wellknown for their coarse fish, especially massive catfish. Ocean fishing opportunities abound in North America, ranging from battling swordfish in the tropical waters off the coast of Florida to massive pike that inhabit the Great Lakes and St Lawrence Seaway.

South America is also a popular destination for angling worldwide. The Amazon basin is something of a dream trip for many UK and EU anglers who have long heard the tales of massive river fish that swim among the trees for months on end. These areas remain very wild, and are among the last places on Earth for commercialization, precisely because they remain remote and somewhat dangerous tantalizingly dangerous for many adventure seekers.

Australias Great Barrier Reef is often touted as one of the great wonders of the world that any true angler should visit before it is destroyed by pollution and climate change. And, it truly is a magical place with fish that you will never see in Britain. Australia has the advantage of being one of the most comfortable places for less adventurous UK travellers who are still interested in new angling experiences.

It should be noted that long fishing holidays, especially to countries with a history of unrest, should be approached with caution. Do your research ahead of time. Even if youre booking with a company that will guide you to the best, safe spots, be very careful about parting with your money too easily on the front end.




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