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Carp Fishing In France

When considering going Carp fishing in France, there are quite a few points for you to look at and consider. France has become a mecca for the angling enthusiast and is quickly becoming the favourite place to book a fishing holiday. France is split into 22 Counties the vast majority of the lakes are in the centre and northern counties, with a few lakes residing in the south.

Most anglers chose to fish on lakes, but there is an abundance of rivers to chose from , some of which are Rivers Charente, River Doubs, River loire, River Lot, River Mosselle, River Rhine, River Rhone River soane.River Yonne, River Seine(Paris Centre). All holding very good size Carp. To fish these you need to obtain Roland La Peche (fishing Licence) which is normally obtained from the local tackle shop. If however you will be following the vast majority of anglers, then you will be booking on a lake which is privately owned which are somewhat coincidentally British run.

So How Do I Choose Between Venues

You have probably all read and searched the internet and the various magazines looking for your ideal Carp Fishing In France Lake. Perhaps some things that i would consider would be location. If you are not happy travelling on motorways, this is not really applicable to you.Most lakes expect you to arrive between 10am and 1pm , so to maximise your chances of getting the longest fishing time for your money, work out the time it will take you once you have arrived at the port in France to the lake ,giving yourself a break in between long journeys.

The first day in my experience is usually quite tiring, having got up on the day of departure to travel to the ferry ports in time for an early crossing, so as to arrive at your lake in good time. Although we are all very keen to start angling a soon as we arrive at the lake, take time to chose your swim, that best suits your fishing style, and best optimises your chance of landing your dream fish. The costs involved can really start to add up, so budget according to your requirements and remember to take into consideration, food, petrol, extra tackle and bait and last but not least insurance cover.

Time of year also plays a big role in your success with many anglers choosing to go late spring and early autumn, to avoid the hot months in summer, which are quite a few degrees warmer than Britain. Facilities vary from lake to lake, from fully inclusive to bivvie up only, you will be amazed at the choices available.Fish stock plays a big role in your success so should be considered carefully. It's no good going to a 50 acre lake with 200 fish in ,as you may end up being very disappointed at your results.

Some of the best places to find information are on the anglers fishing guide, or alternatively with one of the many fishing forums on the internet. Speaking to people through the forums and from word and mouth can help you greatly, but remember to use your own judgment as some people are very hard to please.Above all else when carp fishing in France don't expect too much and you may just end up with a personal best.




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