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Angling Celebrities And Tv Stars

A little information on our angling stars. Ever wonder what makes them tick and how they have managed to become famous for fishing then have a little read about our angling stars.

Matt Hayes Fisherman


Matthew 'Matt' Hayes (born 24 November, 1961 in Smethwick near Birmingham, UK) is a British angler who has been making television angling programmes for the last 10 years featuring mainly on the digital TV channel, Discovery Real Time.

John Wilson Fisherman 501 Fishing Tips


John Wilson, the UK’s No.1 celebrated angler, author and broadcaster, launches the second edition of his popular 501 Fishing Tips MagBook!

Chris Yates Fisherman


Chris Yates is an angler, photographer, tea connoisseur, prolific writer with contributions to the Idler magazine and former Editor of Waterlog magazine. He is a celebrated British fisherman and former record holder with the capture of 51 lb specimen carp from the famous Redmire pool Uk.

Jeremy Wade Fisherman


Jeremy Wade is a writer and TV presenter with a special interest in rivers and freshwater fish, who has been travelling (mostly solo) to the world's remoter rivers for over 25 years.

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