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A Guide To Fishing Holidays

If you already live north of Hadrian's Wall, it might not be much of a holiday, but for the rest of the UK, there's nothing quite as wild and pristine as the rivers, burn, firths, lochs and lakes of Scotland. As recessionary pressures cause Britons to spend their time off a little closer to home than they've been used to in recent years, fishing holidays in Norway and the Czech Republic are now being replaced by getaways in the same wilds the Queen frequents when she wants to get away from it all.

For starters, fishing holidays need not involve getting on a plane. In fact, those who would advocate for a carbon neutral Britain would prefer you didn't. There are wild rivers as close to the main urban rail lines to let you walk to a pristine angling adventure. Others choose to go a little further afield. Scotland is home to a multitude of small holiday cabins that are also heavily used by Scandinavian Alpine walkers. Many of the best salmon rivers in Scotland are also home to very reasonable camp-sites and freely available bothies, as long as you get there first.

Scotland is home to some of the UK's largest runs of salmon, grayling and trout. The massive lochs have been known to yield world-record setting pike. With ample opportunity for ocean fishing in what passes for reasonable weather, Scottish maritime waters are also well-known for large and succulent halibut.

When you visit Scotland (or Ireland, for that matter) as part of a guided fishing holiday, the cost of the lodging and guide almost always includes a provisional rod and reel license. Your guide should either explain the regulations to you or give you material from which you can decipher them on your own. Check to make sure if it's not immediately apparent in the literature. There are less than scrupulous people offering fishing holidays anywhere you look, ideally you'll be able to check out reviews or get a personal recommendation before you put your money down.

And, you may not be surprised to learn that rumours about the weather are true. You'll simply have to dress warm and put on plenty of layers, sometimes even in the summer months. This is especially true the closer you get to the North Sea. If you were expecting to get a tan, you might want to reconsider fishing holidays in the Bahamas, Spain or Greece ? it's not going to be that sort of trip.




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