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Escape to a beautiful lake

Relax and enjoy the beautiful lake side angling....

Fly fishing

There is something special about fly fishing that sets it apart from any other sort of angling....

Fishing while the sun goes down

There is something special about angling when the sun is setting....

Charter a sea fishing boat

Get out on a sea fishing charter a discover what our oceans have to offer you....

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A Guide To Different Types Of Angling

Thirty different articles to read covering all aspects of angling. From coarse fishing to fly fishing to what equipment to buy and how to start fishing something for every angler to read.

A Guide To Beginners Fishing


Not everyone has the advantage of a caring parent or concerned adult to teach them the art of angling when young. And, for people who've reached adulthood without ever having the benefit of such training, the notion of getting indoctrinated into the often insular world of fishing can be rather daunting.

A Guide To The Best Fishing Venues


In a nation the size of Great Britain, it should come as no surprise that many of the best fishing venues in the UK are kept secret by the anglers that frequent them. For those just getting started with the sport, this kind of secrecy can make it difficult to find spots where one can really hone their skills.

A Guide To Boat Fishing


While waters in the UK are very productive from the bank, there's nothing quite like getting out there in a vessel .Boat Fishing from the water allows you to more easily access many important species that don't often come into the shallows to feed.

Canal Fishing


While you may be well-versed in the ways of river fishing within your home county, taking those skills to canals take a bit of adjusting. The waters don't often move nearly as fast, the bottom is likely to be silty rather than gravelly.

Cat Fishing


Catfish are one of the largest types of fish found on Earth, and they are very widely distributed. However, it is only within the last few decades that catfish have been introduced into the UK. Moreover, the catfish that now inhabit a few hundred lakes and streams in Wales and England



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